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We’re your resource for pole barn answers

Becky Lindahl has been the owner of Barncraft Building Supply since 1988. She knows the pole barn business inside and out. If you have any questions regarding material or procedure, she’s the one to ask.

We are experts on metal. At Barncraft, we will gladly help with all of your roofing and siding projects. Just bring in your plans and we will create a materials list specifically calculated around your needs.

Our Experience

Barncraft Building Supply was started in 1988 by Rebecca “Becky” Lindahl on Hatton Lane in Junction City, OR. She had a great business plan; use the real life knowledge she has of lumberyards and pole barn building to make material list and find customers affordable-quality building materials. One of her first projects was to design a roof cover over the train engine where a park was being established on West 6th in Junction City. Post frame construction is simple in theory and can be used for a variety of building purposes. Barncraft has grown through the years and the staff has grown too. John Alldridge has been driving truck since the beginning in 1988 and still holds the title as longest employee here. Sylvia Digerness has been designing buildings here since 2005, plus brings a whole career of retail store experience to the success of Barncraft. Nate McClatchey started in 2008, and uses his experience from lumber mills to continuously check the quality of materials in the yard and manage shipments to jobsites. Lora Semore-Paulson started in 2009 and brought 18 years of accounting & agri-business experience and a long list of customer relationships as a JCHS graduate. Barncraft also employs a few local-seasonal employees to fill in the gaps and strengthen our team.

Becky and her staff want the building process to be simple and fun and adaptable to any budget. A customer comes into the store and says what they want for size, style and purpose of a building; a designer draws a picture of the building and creates a material list and a budget price. Building projects are done in stages which can allow a basic small building that can be added to later if there is a need to start small and expand overtime, or to start with a shell of a building and then do finish work later, or make your dream barn or shop come to life before your eyes. If the customer approves of the designed plan …then Becky and her staff go to work at securing the building supplies and getting them to the jobsite. Through the years the list of supplies and services has grown but the basics have stayed the same: make a strong building that will last and is adaptable to changing situations. The mission of a Barncraft Building is to be useful to the hard working people that use them. Barncraft moved to Prairie Road near HWY99 and HWY36 in 1991 to a building that Becky designed. The designs and buildings have been countless from big to small, from shop to barn and some really unusual multi-purpose. Barncraft will continue to follow the same simple concept since day one: building materials at a fair price with a good long-lasting value.


Our partnership with our clients is based on mutual trust and we do what is best for our clients following our company’s values and methods.


Proactive safety planning helps us provide a safe working environment for everyone working on the project, people visiting the job site or working.


Our aim is to continuously exceed the expectations of our client to deliver quality construction. Our team members verify all features of work.


To become an industry leader, it is important for us to encourage team work in order to solve any construction challenges and to achieve results.