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Our Products

Our Products
Steel Panels

ASC Building Products – offers metal roofing panels for the residential, commercial and agricultural markets for contractors, installers and homeowners.one of the worlds leading manufacturers of steel roof and wall product and structural roof and floor deck.
* Color Visualizer

Valley Rolling – Producers of quality metal roofing and siding products. Locally owned and operated out of Hubbard, OR.
* Valley Rolling’s Color Building Designer

To get a visual idea of what your color choices will look like on your metal building – click on the above link

Taylor Metal – a leading distributor and processor of metals in Salem, Oregon. They offer 29gauge, 28 gauge, and 26 gauge metal. They feature 3′ wide agricultural panels or commercial PBR panels as well as concealed fastener residential panels. *Taylor Metal >

Fabral – in 1966 Fabral systems began manufacturing operations in Lancaster Pennsylvania. They quickly developed a reputation for superior quality and service.
* Fabral’s Color Chart

Metal Sales – offers a complete line of roof, wall and fascia panel systems for the commercial, industrial, architectural, agricultural and residential markets – new construction or retrofit.
* Metal Sales Color Chart Check out

The Information links above will answer many of the questions
you may have about your new building.
95% Seneca Sawmill stock – a 12′ 2 X 6 is actually 12′ long (not 11′ 11″ to 12′ 3″) very clean,well packaged lumber with very little wane.
Treated Lumber
.60 CCA on Rough Stock Hem Fir Posts
.40 ACQ on 2 X’s
Plywood & Panels
Quality Sheathing and siding products
Overhead (sectional) doors
Rugged products with a long service life as well as ease of use. All of our Over Head Doors are quoted at the installed price. KGN doors provides installation of our doors and they are purchased through KGN
Designed and engineered specifically for your project. Trusses are ordered with pre-blocking and usually includes delivery with 1 hour crane time.
Insulation & Vapor Barriers
Specifically for use with metal skinned buildings
Dura Skrim – various length available (sold by the roll)
Econo E – 450 sq ft per roll (sold by the roll)
Vinyl backed fiberglass – 600 sq ft per roll (sold by the sq ft)

What is a vapor barrier?

A vapor barrier is an impermeable membrane that blocks the flow of air through the building envelope. Because the purpose of a vapor barrier is not obvious, this important component is often omitted or installed incorrectly.

The main purpose of a vapor barrier is preventing the passage of the water vapor that is contained in air. Vapor barriers and the insulation affect each other. They must both be installed so that they interact beneficially rather than harmfully.

Purposes of vapor barriers:
* protecting the structure and insulation from condensation damage.
* preventing air leakage through the envelope.
* maintaining interior humidification

(DURASKRIM 6BB, 6WW & 6CC are reinforced with a minimum of 900 denier scrim laid in a diagonal pattern spaced 3/8″ apart.)
Landscape Products
We also carry landscaping products for our local customers (within 20 miles) for a listing of our products and costs, please click on the link below.
Our Products
Professional Engineering
Some Counties require a set of plans from a licensed engineer in order to obtain a permit. We work with an engineering firm that specializes in post frame buildings. Our building estimates include the cost of plans, if you need them for your permit. Cost depends on the size of the building, with average costs running from $350.00 to $500.00. You should check with your local Building & Planning Dept. to see if a permit is required in your area. Engineered plans are specific to your building. Once we order the plans for your building, a deposit will be required. Once ordered, the plans cannot be returned. They must be paid for whether they are used or not, and they cannot be sold to another person.